Stadt Merkendorf

The city of Merkendorf in Germany is a romantic small town in Bavaria, having 3000 residents and it is famous for its cabbage tillage. Merkendorf is situated in the “Fränkische Seenland” and close to the Cities Ansbach and Nürnberg.

It is assumed that Merkendorf’s origin lies in the 9th to 10th century and was for the first time mentioned in 1249. Originally it belonged to the “Zisterzienser”cloister of Heilsbronn.
King Wenzel authorized to secure the town with town-walls and to conduct a fair in 1398. Merkendorf was given the right to call itselfe “town”. In 1506 Merkendorf was visited by the emperor Maximilian 1st. He received messages of tribute from the local dignitaries and population. A memorial at the townhall wall recalls this noble visit.

Early in the 18th century cabbage tillage started and developed shortly to become an important economic power. In our days the “Krautbrunnen” in front of the town hall calls attention to the golden season as being the “Krautstadt” ( city of cabbage). The delicious “Fränkische Bratwürste” (special frankonian fried sausages) served with “ Merkendorfer Sauerkraut “(pickled cabbage) are a favourite culinary dish.

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